The Bengals Australia Story

Quality Breeding Since 1992. The Bengal Cat is a cross between a domestic queen and the wild asian leopard cat . They are a most exciting breed of domestic cat and they are bred to resemble their wild ancestors, yet have a loving, friendly disposition equal to any other domestic cat. 

With a history in the breed that goes back to the establishment of the original Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain, Bengals Australia is a registered business established in 1992. Our kittens have been exported all over the world. In 2018 Ben & Uriah were proud to take over from Chris Winchester and as registered breeders with Cats Victoria Incorporated, look forward to an exciting future in the breed. We have established breeding lines, with two of our Bengals bred by Jean Mill who started the Bengal breed. Our strong, healthy lines produce many show-quality cats.. Our cats enjoy a successful show career, having been awarded CCC of A titles and FCCVic titles.