Bengal Cat Colours

The basic aim of the Bengal cat is to mimic the appearance of the Asian Leopard Cat, however, Bengals do come in a variety of colours and patterns. At the very simplest level, Bengal cats come in two different patterns and two different background colours. The pattern is either spotted or marbled, and the background colour is either brown or white. White Bengals are referred to as ‘snow’s’.

Bengal Markings





Bengal spots come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. Some have many small spots, whilst others have fewer large spots, which is considered quite desirable, though there is nothing wrong with a Bengal with lots of spots! The ‘basic’ Bengal spot is solid colour and roughly circular, however, many breeders aim for producing more ‘wild-looking’ arrow-head shaped spots, or ‘rosettes’ which vary from simply two-tone spots to ‘full’ rosettes with a part circle of spots around a distinctly lighter centre.

The spotting on a Bengal should be random or horizontal in alignment, avoiding lining up or joining up in obvious stripes. ‘Rib stripes’ in particular are considered undesirable. The spots should always be very clear and stand out distinctly from the background colour. It can be particularly hard to find snow Bengals where the markings are as clear as might be liked, and purchasing a snow is not helped by the fact that, as with Siamese, they are born white and only develop their markings over the first few months